KSS'2011 keynote speeches

KSS'2011 keynote speeches are fixed on July 17 (Sunday) and July 20 (Tuesday). Three keynote speeches are arranged, two on Sunday KSSĄŻ2011 track, and one on Tuesday main conference of ISSS2011.


  •      Professor Yoshiteru NAKAMORI gives a talk titled "Knowledge Science - Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process" on Sunday Morning. Professor Nakamori is founding president for International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences. He is the former dean of School of Knowledge Science, JAIST, Japan. That school is the 1st research and education institute established under the theme of knowledge.

  •      Professor Cathal BRUGHA, from University College Dublin, Ireland, gives a talk titled, "Integrating WSR into a Generative Meta-Model for Knowledge Management" on Sunday Morning. His talk will discuss something about the oriental Wu-li Shi-li Ren-li system approach. It is the 1st talk relevant to WSR during KSS and ISSS main conference. WSR system approach was actually firstly proposed in the Centre for System Studies, University of Hull in November of 1994.

  •      Professor Jifa GUĄŻs lecture on "WSR Approach to Queuing Problem in Expo2010" is arranged as a plenary talk in the morning of Thursday at the ISSS main conference. He talks another practical case on WSR.