Proceedings of KSS'2001 -- TABLE OF CONTENTS




Toward Establishing Knowledge Science and Technology

SHIMEMURA Esujiro and NAKAMORI Yoshiteru  ( JAIST)                                        1 


Metasynthesis, WSR and Consensus

GU Jifa  ( JAIST)                                                                                        12


Multidisciplinary View of Knowledge Technology

WANG Zhongtuo  ( Dalian University of Technology)                                              17


What Is to Be Managed: Knowledge, Knowing, or Knower, and Does It Matter?

ZHU Zhichang  (The University of Hull Business School, UK)                                       29


Trainable Artificial Brain

ZHANG Yongguang  (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

SUGISAKA Masanori  (Oita University)                                                        46


A Study of the Relations Between Soft Systems Methodology and Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory

YOSHIDA Taketoshi  (JAIST)                                                                52


All-Win: A System Thinking in the Era of Knowledge Economy

LI Xibin  (National School of Administration)

LI Ya  (Beijing Institute of System Engineering)                                                   58


Model Integration in A Dynamic Model Space Based on Qualitative Reasoning Methods

CHEN Jian and SUN Guozhuo  (Tsinghua University)                                             62


Knowledge ComprehensionIntegration and Metasynthetic Reconstruction Analysis        

SHU Guangfu  (Chinese Academy of Sciences)                                                   71

SESSION І-1 (Knowledge Science and Management)


An Expression of Personal Knowledge and Its Conversion

GAO Fei, YOSHIDA Taketoshi and NAKAMORI Yoshiteru  ( JAIST)                                75


System and Development Strategy of Knowledge Science

WANG Xu-kun and CHEN Yue  ( Dalian University of Technol)                                     87


Guifan Management: A Methodology for the Spread and Share of Managerial Experience Knowledge

LI Ya  (Beijing Institute of System Engineering)

LI Xibin  (National School of Administration)                                                    94


Knowledge Origin, Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Exchange      

MU Jifeng  (Xian Jiaotong University)

ZHANG Kan  ( the Forth Military Medical University)                                             98


Knowledge-based Systems and Knowledge Management

ZHANG Kan (the Forth Military Medical University)

MU Jifeng (Xian Jiaotong University)                                                          106


On Governmental Knowledge Management Systems:A Case Study for Foreign Loan Knowledge Management System  

XI Yunjiang, DANG Yanzhong, XIA Haoxiang and RONG Lili  (Dalian University of Technology)         113


SESSION І-2 (Knowledge Science and Management)


An International Comparison of Knowledge Ability Among China, India and Malaysia

LIU Zeyuan and LENG Yunsheng  (Dalian University of Technology)                                120


On Object-Oriented Knowledge Representation         

XIANG Yang, LIU Yong, LUO Yan, CUI Jabao and WU Weiyin  (Shandong University of Science and Technology)                                                                               127


Technology Platform and Its Application Based on System Perspective

ZHANG Zongchen and SU Jingqin  (Dalian University of Technology)                               136


The Impacts of Intellectual Economy on Accounting Theory and Methods

TAN Li and LI Yuxiang  (hongqing University)                                                  142

Knowledge Management in Software Process Improvement 

WAN Jiangping, YANG Jianmei and ZHANG Zhengang  ( South China University of Technology)         147


Study on Dynamic Social Impact using Agent Based Simulation

SUGANUMA Shigemasa and NAKAMORI Yoshiteru  (JAIST)                                    153


SESSION ІІ-1 (Knowledge Engineering)

A Multiagent based Framework for Building Workshop for Hall of Metasynthetic Engineering

HU Daiping and WANG Huanchen  (Shanghai Jiaotong University)                                 161


Incremental Learning of Bayesian Networks with Hidden Variables

TIAN Fengzhan, ZHANG Hongwei, LU Yuchang and SHI Chunyi  (Tsinghua University)                169


A Study of Knowledge Acquisition Techniques---A Learning Method for Extracting Statistical Knowledge from Observation Data Based on Neural Networks

GUO Chengan, LI Mingwei and LI Jianhua  (Dalian University of Technology)                        179


The System Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic System Using Universal Learning Network with Multi-branches  

JIA Xiaomeng, HAN Min and LIU Jingang  (Dalian University of Technology)

HIRASAWA Kotaro  (Kyushu University)                                                      186


New Method of The Earthquake Response of The Dams by Recurrent Neural Network         

JIANG Xin, HAN Min, and LIAN Zhenying  (Dalian University of Technology)                       190


To View the Structure and Parameters of a BP Neural Network from the Knowledge     

RONG Lili and WANG ZhongTuo  (Dalian University of Technology)                               196


SESSION ІІ-2 (Knowledge Engineering)


A multi-agent Simulation on knowledge science --car market case

MA Tieju, RYOKE Mina and NAKAMORI Yoshiteru  (JAIST)                                     205


Automated Inspection of Measurable Parts through the Use of Fuzzy Inductive Learning

WU J.N.  (Dalian University of Technology)                                                    215


Knowledge Expression in the Intelligence Decision Support System & the Exploration of the Data Mining on the Theory of Rough Sets         

LU Lping and YANG Jianmei  (South China University of Technology)                              224


Improvement on Generalization Ability of the ANN-Bidding System with Genetic Algorithm

LIN Yun and HAN Min  (Dalian University of Technology)                                        230


Component Analysis of Civil Building Materials Using Artificial Neural Networks

XI Jianhui, HAN Min and CHENG Lei  (Dalian University of Technology)                            236


Analysis for Fashion Emergence by Agent-based Simulation

FUJII Shintaro, WANG Zhongtuo and XIA Haoxiang  (Dalian University of Technology)                 243


SESSION ІІІ-1 (Systems Science)


A New Genetic Algorithm for Portfolio Selection with Fixed Transaction Costs and Minimum Transaction Lots

LIN Dan and WANG Shouyang  (Chinese Academy of Sciences)                                    249


Soft System Method and the Construction of Urban Integrative Function of GIS

GONG Qiang and HU Yunquan  (Harbin Engineering and Technology University)                       257


            The Methodology Significance of Applying Complex System Science to Material Research

       LIAO Chunliang, XIONG Guoqiang and XIE Xinglong  ( Xian Jiaotong University)                    263


Intelligent Synthetic Evaluation for Enterprises Future Profitable Ability

ZHAO Jianguo and LI Miao  (Dongbei University of Finance and economics)                          269


Studies on Enterprise Website Development and Extension

WU Yanxia and WANG Xin  (Xian University of Technology)                                     274


A Method of Establishing a Dynamic Web Site with Friendly user interface

ZHANG Liqian and RONG Lili  (Dalian University of Technology)                                  280


SESSION ІІІ-2 (Systems Science)


Model Integration for System Modeling       

TANG Xijin  (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

GU Jifa and NAKAMORI, Yoshiteru  (JAIST)                                                   285

A study on Operating Mechanism of Social System Change          

ZHAO Shuanliang  (Shijiazhuang Postal College)

GONG Chuanxin  (Ordnance Engineering College)                                               297


Study on the Evolution Model in the Supply Chain System

YOU Jianxin and CHEN Baosheng  (Tongji University)                                            302


Some Considerations on Self-Organizing Collective Problem Solving          

XIA Haoxiang, WANG Zhongtuo, DANG ,Yanzhong  (Dalian University of Technology)                    

GU Jifa  (JAIST)                                                                           309


An Observation to Soft Systems Methodology

XIA Hao-Xiang  (Dalian University of Technology)                                                       317


A Method to Evaluate the Expert for Group Decision-Making

RONG Lili  (Dalian University of Technology)

XIN Yang  (Jilin University)                                                                 324



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Index on key words                                                          331