International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences

Shanghai, China; August 7-8, 2002

Organized by:

Shanghai University for Science and Technology (USST), China


Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan

Center for Systems Studies, The University of Hull, United Kingdom

Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Tsinghua University, China

Organization of Symposium


International Program Committee:


Co-Chairs:      NAKAMORI, Yoshiteru (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

                        WANG, Zhongtuo (Dalian University of Technology, China) (Chinese Academy of Engineering)

GU, Jifa (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Members:     CHE, Hongan (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China)

CHEN, Jian (Tsinghua University, China)

DANG, Yanzhong (Dalian University of Technology, China)

JACKSON, Michael (University of Hull, United Kingdom)

MIDGLEY, Gerald (University of Hull, United Kingdom)

WANG, Shouyang (Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

XU, Fuyuan (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China)

YOSHIDA, Taketoshi (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , Japan)

ZHAO, Chunjun (Tsinghua University, China)

ZHU, Zhichang (University of Hull, United Kingdom)


Organization Committee:


Chairman:    WANG, Hengshan (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China)

Members:        GAO Fei (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

MA, Tieju (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

RONG, Lili (Dalian University of Technology, China)

TANG, Xijin (Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

WU, Jiangning (Dalian University of Technology, China)

XU, Xiaobing (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China)




August 6:

08:00-22:00     Registration


August 7:

08:00-08:50            Registration

09:00-09:15            Room A 每 Opening Address

09:15-12:40            Room A 每 Plenary Session (1)

13:30-18:00            Room B每 SessionІ: Knowledge Science and Management

13:30-18:00            Room C每 Session ІІ: Knowledge Engineering

13:30-18:00            Room D每 Session ІІІ: Systems Science

13:30-18:00            Room E每 Session ІV: Meta-Synthesis

19:00-21:00       Banquet


August 8: 

Round Table Discussion

09:30-11:00            Room A 每 Knowledge Systems Methodology (Invited Only) 

09:00-11:00            Room B 每 Knowledge Science and Management

09:00-11:00            Room C 每 Knowledge Engineering

09:00-11:00            Room D 每 Systems Science

09:00-11:00            Room E 每 Meta-Synthesis

August 7

08:00-08:50            Registration

Room A 每 Opening Address

Chair: WANG Zhongtuo


09:00-09:15 WANG Hengsan (Organizing Chair of KSS*2002 & MCS*2002, USST)

NAKAMORI Yoshiteru (Co-chair of KSS*2002, JAIST)

GU Jifa (Chair of MCS*2002, JAIST)


Room A 每 Plenary Session

Chair: WANG Huancheng


09:15-09:55 LU Ruqian (Institute of Mathematics, AMSS, CAS, China)

Knowledge Engineering

09:55-10:25 NAKAMORI Yoshiteru (JAIST, Japan)

Context-Dependent Modeling for Knowledge Management  

10:25-10:55            WANG Zhongtuo (DUT, China)

Knowledge Portal for the Strategic Analysis Support

10:55-11:10            Break

11:10-11:40            ZHU Zhichang (University of Hull, UK)

Knowledge Management: Learning from Diverse Styles

11:40-12:10 SHI Yong (University of Nebraska, USA)

Linear Programming-based Data Mining Techniques and Credit Card Knowledge Management

12:10-12:40 GU Jifa (JAIST, Japan)

Some Trends in the Studies on Meta-synthesis

Room B 每 Session І: Knowledge Science and Management

Chair: NAKAMORI Yoshiteru, ZHU Zhichang


13:30-13:50 CHEN Xia, Research on Organizational Knowledge Conversion Process Based on Learning  

13:50-14:10 GAO Fei, Critical Systems Thinking to Knowledge and Its Management

14:10-14:30            GUO Weisen, A Method of Process Knowledge Acquisition in Organization

14:30-14:50 HE Wei, A Preliminary Exploration into the Problem of Knowledge Measuring in Knowledge Economy

14:50-15:10            IWATSUKI Shunji, Formation of a Macro Perspective of Competitiveness in Tennis

15:10-15:30 JIA Xiaomeng, A Controller Designed Based on Universal Learning Network

15:30-16:00            Break

16:00-16:20 LIU Fengchao, The Knowledge Capital Evaluating Model Based on Knowledge Value Theory And Knowmetrics.

16:20-16:40    LIU Fuyan, An Applied Method for Knowledge Acquisition

16:40-17:00 LIU Yongzhen, Ontological Basis and Epistemological Significance of Probing into Complexity

17:00-17:20            YAO Deming, Knowledge Spread and Education Innovation

17:20-17:40 YIN Jingong, Research on Teaching Quality Control Mechanism in Higher Institutions

17:40-18:00 ZHAO Shiying, Knowledge Formation from Multi-Discipline Point of View


Room C 每 Session ІІ: Knowledge Engineering

Chairs: WANG Zhongtuo, DANG Yanzhong


13:30-13:50 DANG Yanzhong, Relationship每Oriented Knowledge and Method of It*s Acquisition for Knowledge Management

13:50-14:10 GUO Chengan, A Neural Network Method for Learning Statistical Knowledge from Multi-hypothesis Observation Data

14:10-14:30 GUO Yan-hong, From Labor Value Theory to Knowledge Value Theory--Looking Back and Consideration

14:30-14:50 LI Jinming, Suppression Analysis of Enterprise Knowledge in the Innovation Process

14:50-15:10 LIANG Laixin, The Innovation of Management of Intangible Asset in Knowledge-based Economy Era

15:10-15:30 LIU Zeyuan, On the Methodology of Knowmetrics Study

15:30-16:00 Break

16:00-16:20 WANG Yanrong, From Information Management to Knowledge Management--The Change of Business Management in Knowledge Economy

16:20-16:40 WU Jiangning, Knowledge Retrieve in the Knowledge Management System Through A Fuzzy Condition Matching Method

16:40-17:00    XIA Dong, Innovation and Corporate Governance by Legal Person

17:00-17:20 ZHANG Genlin, A Proposal to Use a Balanced Scorecard to Evaluate Knowledge Management

17:20-17:40 ZHANG Wei, Identifying the Leading Journals on Technological Innovation

17:40-18:00 ZHANG Yingfu, The Application of the SOM Network in Evaluation of the High-Tech Park


Room Room D 每 Session ІІІ: Systems Science

Chair: SHI Yong, CHE Hongan


13:30-13:50 CHENG LEI, Information Extraction of Land Cover from TM ImagerySupported by ERDAS IMAGINE Soft Ware

13:50-14:10 HE Zhengwen, Theory and Methods of Risk-Decision and Their Application in Aerospace Projects

14:10-14:30    JIA Zhen, Game Theory Analysis of Information Incomplete Disclosure in Auditing

14:30-14:50 JING Runtian, IE Concept in Information Age: System Perspective

14:50-15:10 LIU Yunzhong, The Application Research on Moving Monitor System of the Supermarket Based on Artificial Neural Network

15:10-15:30 MA Liang, An Ant Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization

15:30-15:40    Break

15:40-16:00 TIAN Zhiyou, Variable Structure Representation Based Genetic Programming and Its Application in Self-Adaptive Modeling

16:00-16:20 WANG Haiwen, Modeling the Delayed Differentiation for Assembly-to-Order System Based on Mass Customization

16:20-16:40            XI Jianhui, Prediction of Annual Runoff Using Neural Network

16:40-17:00 XIE Sanming, Research on the Long Term Growth Potential and Economic Cycle in Chinese Economy

17:00-17:20 ZHAN Yuanrui, The New Basel Capital Accord and Bank*s Internal Credit Risk Management

17:20-17:40 ZHANG Qian, A Solution for a Special LRP Based on Two-Phase Improved Genetic Algorithm

17:40-18:00 ZHANG Yi, Game Analysis on Strategic R&D Cooperation Under the Condition of Uncertainty


Room Room E 每 Session ІV: Meta-Synthesis

Chair: GU Jifa, WANG Huancheng


13:30-13:55 PENG Benhong, A Study on the Intelligent Decision Support System for the Sustainable Development of Regional Resource and Environment Based on GIS

13:55-14:20 SHEN Huizhang, The Conception of Nature of the Spiral Propulsion Methodology and the Meta-synthesis

14:20-14:45 SHEN Huizhang, The Research on Modeling and Simulating Macroeconomics Systems

14:45-15:10 SHI Dinghua, Parallelization of Self-Adapting Hidden Markov Model

15:10-15:55 Break

15:55-16:20 TANG Xijin, A Prototype Environment for Group Argumentation

16:20-17:45 XIONG Yong, Distribution of the Count of a Mobile Crossing the Location Areas and Paging with Random Walk

17:45-17:10    YAN Chunning, Distribution of the Count of a Mobile Crossing the Location Areas

17:10-17:35 ZHANG Pengzhu, An Approach to Argumentation of Decision Task Generation and Identification

17:35-18:00            ZHANG Ning, Assessing the Service Level of Public Health Service System


 (This part just includes the presentations we have collected before publishing the proceedings, some authors may be not listed here, please see the supplement on the conference)

Banquet (19:00-21:00)


August 8


Round Table Discussion (09:30-11:00)


Room A 每 Knowledge Systems Methodology (Invited Only) 

Chairs: WANG Zhongtuo, NAKAMORI Yoshiteru


Room B 每 Knowledge Science and Management

Chair: GAO Fei


Room C 每 Knowledge Engineering

Chair: RONG Lili


Room D 每 Systems Science

Chair: WU Jiangning


Room E 每 Meta-Synthesis

Chair: TANG XIjin