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Author Title Source Year Request
WenZhang,XijinTang,TaketashiYoshida Text CLassification with Support Vector Machine and Back Propagation Neural Network ICCS 2007,PartIV,LNCS 2007 Download
XijinTang,NanZhang,ZhengWang Augmented Support for Knowledge Sharing by Academic Confereces--On-line Conferencing Ba IEEE2007 2007 Download
XijinTang,ZhengWang How Knowledge Science is Studied --a vision from the KSS2006 KSS2007 2007 Download
WenZhang,TaketashiYoshida,XijinTang A Comparative Study on the Distribution of Chinese and English Multi-words KSS2007 2007 Download
XijinTang,NanZhang,ZhengWang TCM Master Miner for Knowledge Tramsfer SMC2007 2007 Download
WenZhang,TaketashiYoshida,XijinTang Text CLassification using Multi-word Features SMC2007 2007 Download
XijinTang,YijunLiu,WenZhang Computerized Support for Idea Generation During Knowledge Creating Process KES2005 2005 Download
YijunLiu,XijinTang Comuterrized Collaborative Support for Enhancing Humans Creativity for Networked Community WINE2005 2005 Download
刘怡君,唐锡晋,李增惠 对香山科学会议跨学科研讨的一种初步分析 第八届全国青年管理科学与系统科学学术会议论文集 2005 Download
XijinTang,YijunLiu Computerized Support for Idea Generation During Knowledge Creating Process KEST2004 2004 Download
XijinTang Towards Meta-synthetic support to Unstructured Problem Solving sesc2003 2003 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang Wu-li Shi-li Ren-li System Approach to a Major Project on the Meta-synthesis Research KSS2003 2003 Download
YijunLiu,XijinTang A Visualized Augmented tool for Knowledge-Association in Idea Generation KSS2003 2003 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang Some Trends in The Studies on Meta-synthesis ISSS2002 2002 Download
XijinTang Systemic Thinking to Developing A Meta-synthetic System Supported Complex Issues ISSS2002 2002 Download
唐锡晋,刘怡君 群思考的计算机支持工具研究 SESC2002 2002 Download
唐锡晋 面向系统建模的模型集成 第六届全国青年管理科学与系统科学学术会议论文集 2001 Download
XijinTang WSR Analysis To the Development of An Enterprise Management Software Project ISSS2001 2001 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang,LinWang WSR Approach to Evaluation Support for Commercial Integration System APORS2000 2000 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang,LinWang WSR System Approach to the Study of Synthetic Evaluation of Commercial Information System in China SSSE 2000 Download
XijinTang Intensive Information Support for Decision Making ICM1998 2000 Download
XijinTang WSR Approach to A Practical Implementation of Computerized Aids for System Evaluation ISSS1999 1999 Download
XijinTang An Approach to Building Computerized Support for Naval Weapon System Evaluation KSS2000 2000 Download