The Paper Published in 2000 in the Database

Author Title Source Year Request
顾基发,唐锡晋 从古代系统思想到现代东方系统方法论 系统工程理论与实践 2000 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang,LinWang WSR Approach to Evaluation Support for Commercial Integration System APORS2000 2000 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang,LinWang WSR System Approach to the Study of Synthetic Evaluation of Commercial Information System in China SSSE 2000 Download
XijinTang Intensive Information Support for Decision Making ICM1998 2000 Download
XijinTang An Approach to Building Computerized Support for Naval Weapon System Evaluation KSS2000 2000 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang Designing a Water Resources Management Decision Support System:An Application of the WSR Approach Systemic Practice and Action Research 2000 Download