The Paper Published in 2005 in the Database

Author Title Source Year Request
XijinTang,YijunLiu,WenZhang Computerized Support for Idea Generation During Knowledge Creating Process KES2005 2005 Download
JifaGu,XijinTang Meta-synthesis Approach to Complex System Modeling European Journal of Operational Research 2005 Download
顾基发,唐锡晋 综合集成方法的理论及应用 系统辩证学学报 2005 Download
YijunLiu,XijinTang Comuterrized Collaborative Support for Enhancing Humans Creativity for Networked Community WINE2005 2005 Download
XijinTang,KunNie,YijunLiu Meta-synthesis Approach to Exploring Constructing Comprehensive Transportation System in China journal of systems science and systems engineering 2005 Download
刘怡君,唐锡晋 几种有关创造力的思维模型和支持工具介绍 系统工程理论与实践 2005 Download
刘怡君,唐锡晋,李增惠 对香山科学会议跨学科研讨的一种初步分析 第八届全国青年管理科学与系统科学学术会议论文集 2005 Download